This is a very personal post!

As a person who spent six years (so far) in college, earning an Ord., Hons. and Masters Degree (and happen to be contemplating adding a PhD to our list of accomplished challenges) it peeves me off immensely when I see individuals who have never gone to college, have never spent all day, all night, weekends and every other spare minute in-between working on projects either alone or with friends to reach a deadline.

I went back to college in 2008/09 by complete accident to finish a course I got from my leaving cert many years before, and to this day have never regretted one minute of the six years of toil! WHY? Well I met some incredible people, found my best friend, made many lifelong friends including both students and lecturers, and can show the degrees that grace my walls with sense of pure pride.

Recently I was made aware of two people I know and have  known with over 35 years who have stated quite publicly that they have been a student in two Irish colleges and hold two degrees, knowing full well they have never stepped foot inside either of their doors, or if they were asked, could not produce the accreditation to prove it. 

It is fair to say it annoys me beyond belief to think those of us who worked incredibly hard to achieve academic success and take great pride in saying we attended a specific college or university and more importantly have the proof of that success hanging in English and Latin on our walls can be left to deal with those who "think" they are achieving a higher level of confidence in themselves by saying they have x, y, or z in qualifications when the reality is - they don't and probably never will.

I'm not one to rant, in fact - my lovely friends, family and clients tend to call me the most laid back person they know!  So I'm ending my little rant right here, but asking for your input, opinion and all round general knowledge on how we as potential employers can stamp this out!

Angela - the very proud holder of a BA Ord. & Hons. in Information Systems Management from the Institute of Technology, Tralee, and a Master of Science in Interactive Media from University College Cork. -


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