Why Social Media is more than just a buzzword.

Over the past number of years, Social Media has taken on a life all of its own.  We have all heard the words 'it's viral' and some people would think that's the flu, but in fact what they were referring to is the internet and a social media post, video or indeed an image.

Social Media started its life off many years ago with platforms such as MySpace and Bebo.  As platforms, they served a purpose - interaction, but that was where the buck stopped.

Today, Social Media has taken on a life all of its own.  It's no longer restricted to just two platforms, today we have a whole host, and all with built-in uniqueness.

Facebook and Twitter don't just allow the user to post their holiday photos, today you can market your business using paid and unpaid advertising.  You can interact with your target audience, post images, videos, and much more.

Thanks to advances in smartphone technologies such as XCode and PhoneGap, developers can transform existing code and turn your whole website into an iPhone or Android app, I been lucky enough to do it as part of my masters project.

We are no longer restricted to how we advertise, print media is wonderful don't get me wrong - we all spot the ads in a newspaper, but a lot of the world operates digitally and your social media presence should match your website and they should compliment each other.

Wondering what social media platforms you should be harnessing?  Wondering how many of those platforms are right for you?, or if they are hard to use or maintain?

Get in contact with Code Stack today, and we can talk you through the process of getting your business using Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Flickr, Periscope, Vine and their are many more!



Social Media

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