Why pick a CMS over traditional websites?..
What UX has shown me!

I would have, up until about four years ago been a traditional coder who would program everything from start to finish and then put it online - heck, I built a Masters Project around it. 

Over the past few years in particular, I have watched a number of different platforms emerge - from complex CMS's to the easy to use ones and watched web developers still code everything from start to finish! Those traditional sites however don't allow you - the developer to give back any control to the client i.e. you have just launched a beautiful bespoke responsive bootstrap website, looks amazing, has all the frills and tweeks you could imagine, the content written & graphical is being displayed as you need - but the client has spotted two spelling mistakes.  With a CMS they could go in and edit it themselves, but because they have picked a traditional coded website, they need to pay you - the developer to removed the spelling errors. 

During the final year of my BA I messed around with Dot Net Nuke - not a CMS I would wish to show the public - complex is one word I would use with it! Then I went and thought myself Wix and since that hasn't moved with the times and to become mobile friendly, it isn't a platform I would recommend to anyone! In 2016, you are either mobile friendly, or forget about it because Google won't rank you!

I then went an seen what Joomla and Durpal had to offer, and even though, for the most part, they have joined the 21st Century, they aren't very User Experience (UX) Friendly!

In terms of UX, if you have to perform more clicks or can't access the back of your CMS from your mobile or tablet device, then the odds are - it isn't user experience friendly! 

Do you need to click or zoom more than once to get to a particular feature on a site?If so, you are one of two things 1. Not Mobile Friendly 2. Not user experience friendly!

Here is how it looks, has your developer taken these features into account?..

Yes the web is riddled with report of it being hacked, but the truth be told - everything on the web is open to hacking! Look at you reading this post right now, the account you are in - that is open to hacking.  Technically, it is build using code!

Why do I pick WP?  Well first off, it is UX friendly - I've accessed it many times on my iPhone to update posts and features for clients whilst on the move.  I traveled from Dublin to Kerry last year updating a clients shop with nothing more than my phone and a CIE Broadband connection. 

Looking for a site you can be taught to maintain - contact us today at www.codestack.ie


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