Domain Names, the truth is...

    We recently attended a meeting to discuss, as you do, the internet and it's evolution. 

    During the course of the meeting, the topic of domain names and their significance came up, with Code Stack being asked to explain 'in English' how they work - so here's our 'English Speaking' take on it.

    A gentleman by the name of Tim Berners-Lee took it upon himself to create the wonder you now see and use every day - the internet! He thought of it as a way for the world communicate - little did he know that first 'Hello World' page would lead to over one billion and counting - 'Hello Worlds'! That's a lot of people talking at once!

    How it works - the short and simple version!

    So since we have established it was a man who invented what keeps us amused - this is how it works.

    I'm going to use our friends at Facebook as an example - we all know that their address is, right?.. Well, think of that 'domain name' as their house address - got it! Good job!  So you have decided you want to call over for a cup of tea and a cinnamon roll!  You live ten miles away, so out you stick your jacket on, off out into the car and drive to Facebook's door, you knock, they answer and on goes the kettle! With me so far! [everybody nods]

    Think of the decisions you just made!  Lets outline it here
    [Grabbing a pencil and paper]

    1. You decided you want to visit someone, that person being 'Facebook'
      So you know where they live, you have the address! Great stuff!
    2. You felt it might be chilly out, so you stuck on your jacket and got into the car and started the engine - that is the same action as turning on your phone, tablet or laptop - with me, great!
    3. Off down the road you go, you get to Facebook's door ten miles away - pull into their driveway, switch off your engine and knock on their door!  Think of that as entering and up comes their website - do you catch my thinking!
    4. Facebook takes about four seconds to answer the door - he uses a hover board cause he's a geek like that - that's the site refreshing it's contents and loading!
    5. They invite you in and put on the kettle - that is you 'observing' what your list of 'friends' are up to!  You are interacting, supping the cuppa, eating the cinnamon roll etc.

    Domain names literally are addresses! Each address is unique and as such is associated with a specific entity - a person, company, place, a thing etc.! Each time you enter that address, you are knocking on their door - analytics (Google's or any other platform) can prove that!  So every time you enter a domain name - you are taking the action of sticking on your jacket, sitting in the car, driving down the road and arriving at their house.  When the site loads, that is them answering the door, when it finishes loading, that is the kettle boiled and the roll is out of the oven and on a plate in front of you reading for consumption!

    Here is where it gets even more interesting! Because over 90% of internet searches are carried out using smart devices such as mobile phones - Google in particular have adapted their algorithms to suit these modern trends! 

    From April 2016, Google have decided only mobile friendly (responsive) websites will be ranked! All the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and web tricks in the world won't fix that for an non-mobile friendly site!

    If you are a newly built site and your developer has created your site using HTML4 or using site builders such as WIX - you are wasting both your money and that of your company! 

    If you are opting to build for the first time, or update your existing site - ensure what you are paying for his mobile responsive, if they can't do that for you - ring us!

    Everything we build is mobile friendly because we don't want to give you something that is obsolete!  We know you have worked hard to get to the point where you need to be online and we respect you for it because we have too!

    At this point, those present clapped and told Code Stack that is was their first time hearing a down to earth explanation of how the internet works!

    So if you are thinking of putting a site online, upgrading an existing site - give us a shout and we will sort you out - find us online at