Previous Experience?
Well that depends...

I was recently asked about "previous experience in building?"
That was the exact question!  My answer however may intrigue a good few people.

Up until about seven or eight years ago, I used to be a builder, yes you read that right, a builder.  A far cry from the world of the internet, web design/development, graphic design, photography and training. 

As a child, I liked being outdoors, the muckier I got with my little brother, the happier the two of us were.  We didn't have any tech devices unlike this generation, we had the outdoors and that shaped my future, both as an individual and a scout!

During the 90's and 00's I was involved in every aspect of the building game, from laying foundations, to plastering walls, to tiling roofs and everything else in between.  It meant I could be outdoors, I could get mucky and I was being paid for it!  Then the bubble burst, letting me with the unenviable task of trying to figure out what to do next. 

In 2008, I got a notion to take on the course I got out of my Leaving Cert many years before, a BA Hons. in Information Systems Management. 

What I got out of that course was far more than an education, I gained insights into the world of the internet, something I had only experienced with super slow dial up broadband, I learned all about information systems and gained a thirst for knowledge.  It provided me with a college for my primary degree that encouraged me to keep going, allowed me to teach when they could squeeze me in, and it provided me with a friend I could have only ever hoped to meet in this lifetime, and who was as driven as me to achieve academic success!

My appetite for code in particular grew with every class I was involved in, to me it was a different type of building, one that didn't require mixing cement, hitting my fingers with a hammer (*ouch) and allowed me to create, sorry, build in a different way - online! 

To me the outcome and the principles are the same.  You still need a solid foundation to build on - a hosting package!  You still need top notch materials to create a website, for me that is HTML5/CSS3, PHP, and JavaScript, not forgetting the creation of graphics!  For your public to visit you, it requires a front door, your domain name. 

So, to answer the question I was asked a few days ago, yes I have previous experience - just in a different type of building. 

What experience have I in Web Design and Development?  During the six years I spend between my Hons. Degree from the Institute of Technology, Tralee and my Masters Degree from University College Cork, those six years were spent not just learning my trade, they were spent developing a portfolio in the area of Web Design/Development, Graphic Design, Photography and Training.  Finding opportunities here, there and everywhere to help people and companies to see the internet as something they can use to their advantage, not something that should be feared. 

What sets me apart from other developers? Well, firstly, I remember dial up broadband, I remember what a basic HTML4 website looks like, and I believe interaction design, human computer interaction, as well as delivering sites that the end-user have a deal of control over is of the utmost importance, after all, you wouldn't buy a car without the engine, would you?..

For more information, or to chat about what my company can do to help you get online, why not pick up the phone and give me a call, or drop me an email.



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