Lets make it effective!


So you are a Facebook Business user, and you would like some tips on self promotion! Well lets keep them short and snazzy, a bit like the posts you need to create!

  1. Big is Beautiful
    Using Big, Bold, Beautiful images to promote your product will make them stand out in a normal news-feed! Stunning image have a greater likelihood of being shared, commented on and liked - all three is your ultimate goal! 
  2. Share it exclusively
    Make your target audience feel special! Customers love to receive a deal when they think it is a 'Facebook exclusive'. Using simple Facebook targeting, you can set your posts to reach a specific demographic, drive people to your page, or even to your website, you can even encourage them to ring you!
  3. Answer as quick as possible
    There is nothing worse than sending a private message just to hear back months later.  I know because it has happened to myself - potential clients have gotten stuck in my 'other' folder and it is ages after when I see them and respond.  Facebook knows you aren't online 24/7, you like to sleep - so turn on the auto response!
  4. Target the right people
    Every business has a specific target audience, it is part of their business idea.  The business should implement that as part of their Social Media Strategy and use those credentials to target specific people, i.e. John and Mary (as mentioned in previous articles) went on a Safari Holiday, John came across that ad on Facebook and woke Mary from her sleep to book it - the cheeky pup! That ad only appeared to John because the target audience was picked by the company. Remember when posting to keep it real and post what users want to see. If you are a food company for example, post when people are most hungry - lunch time, dinner time, as they drive home from work or start to leave offices - it is then that they will be thinking what to have for dinner.
  5. Links need to be direct!
    If you are linking to an outside site, or a specific Facebook Page, then the link needs to be clear! Facebook automatically turns hyperlinks to specific pages in blue - urls, not so much! Why, well when you post a url, Facebook automatically detects it is an outside site and loads come random content underneath the text you wish to display.  That text needs to be clear and concise because most people are visual.


The greatest thing you can implement in your social media strategy is to be real! Don't post fake items, don't post scams, and most of all, don't lie to your customers!

For more information - contact us at www.codestack.ie


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