As an entity, it has grown tremendously - from the time consuming, error ridden, dial up disaster that it used to be, to a much more user friendly, speedy experience that can provide answers in seconds. 

It has become a huge, unending encyclopedia of knowledge and know-how!  If used properly - it is, most certainly - the internet of things, just those things seem to have no physical limit!

I recently started to teach a few people (more as a hobby), how to use the internet.  How to operate it from a basic beginners point of view - where I started myself way back in 1995 (feeling old right now).  I found myself explaining that as cool as the internet sounds, as great as it is to say 'I must google that' - the internet also contains a myriad of ideas, notions, and information that is completely inaccurate!

Every now and again, we have all developed some cough, sneeze or sniffle - for me, it is the one thing I will never Google - why, well, as I sit and type this, I am uploading a website to the internet at 3am on a windy Wednesday morning, the site is nothing fancy to write home about, but the fact is I took an idea, coded it, added content, made it mobile friendly, added some SEO and images then boom - the internet of things, has one more thing to add to the billions already online, all it took was a bit of knowledge of not  just coding, but now the internet works to get it online!

Now, when I say 'Internet of things' - it is about much more than just information! They are three buzzwords that seem to have taken off over the past year or so - things that in reality - well, we probably deem as normal, everyday, logical parts of our everyday life.

Translated - it reads as

a proposed development of the Internet in which everyday objects have network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data

and there is the other buzzword 'data'!

The things is, as humans - we have orchestrated where the internet now is.  We have seen what dial up had to offer, we have created communication technologies that can achieve  much more than we could imagine!  Who remembers taking a still photo - capturing it on tape, printing it, and that was it! Now we capture images pretty much daily - share them with multiple, often hundreds or thousands of people at a time and think nothing of it - that requires technology to work together to provide that cohesive - not giving it a second though - kind of technology! and it is much more than communication alone that has allowed us to achieve it! It was a concept as far back as 1982!

By 2020, it is estimated that 20.8 billion devices will be connected to the 'internet of things' according to research carried out by Gartner, Inc. - that is a heck of a lot of connectivity by any standards!

What it as a concept is capable of - well, it is unending!

It was not so long ago, if you wanted to research something - you did so at home, stuck to a chair, staring blankly at what was essentially a tv screen waiting on the dust to settle before a page of information would load, with the images slowly following suit!

What IoT's is capable of, I look forward to seeing where research can make it useful for mankind - not just idle use created by individuals who have nothing better to be doing with their time!

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