What does your portfolio say about you?

I recently received an email titled ‘Might be shooting myself in the foot here’ that pointed out one broken link on my portfolio site which I quickly amended, but it got me thinking (and googling).

AngelaStack.me has been live since I was a fourth year student, it had over 10 thousand hits last year alone, not to mention the attention CodeStack.ie has received since its launch five months ago.

Upon receiving the aforementioned email, I took straight to Google researching the history of hyperlinking, seeing how many websites are currently live and it is over one billion.  Tim Berners-Lee has a lot to answer for!  When he launched the internet as a concept over 25 years ago, I doubt he thought it would grow to be the phenomenon it is today. 

Hands up, how many people have sat at home, or in an office, have been out and about and thought ‘I’ll Google that’?  The answer is over 80% of the population of Ireland alone take to Google to find the answer to whatever question is burning them at the time. 

If you own a domain name, or if you need to get your portfolio or business online, and you know the only way forward is a site you can have control over, something that says ‘Hello, I’m here - contact me’, than it should be at its best, as it is your digital profile, your first impression, your chance to impress and stand out from the crowd, and most importantly it is your link to that 80% of the population who say ‘I’ll google that’.

Code Stack don’t believe in 9-5, so get in contact today and see what we can do for you! 



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