Privacy in an online world

    Lets face it, we are all social media enthusiasts - even if we won't admit it!  We have added ourselves to one or more social media platform, even if we don't particularly like being part of them!  We have found out information we probably never needed to know, or in some cases, information we would have preferred to hear in person! but we haven't pressed delete to exit the platform, we are still on them and for the most part, we are there on a daily basis - am I right?

    Well, if the answer is yes, then by being part of a social media network - you have given those companies permission to hold and use your data, you didn't read the fine print when pressing submit!

    Social Media isn't broken into specific countries.  Yes they have offices in a variety of cities around the world, but you don't see Facebook or Twitter Ireland when you login do you? 

    What is data?

    When you look at it closely - data is a collection of things, they are virtual things, not physical objects, but they consist of the information you supply.

    When you joined lets says Facebook for argument sake - you provided them with information, your first and last name, a username, a password, your date of birth, gender and an email address.  Those are things! They were yours and yours only until you pressed submit and hit the confirmation button on your email. 

    When you pressed confirm - they became part of much larger entity - the company you just agreed to be part of.  Now they are no longer just pieces of information - they are part of an enormous database somewhere on Earth.  They are stored inside servers you will never see and every time you use those pieces of information to login - you are giving permission to someone to keep on storing them.  Anyone who has played games or answered quizzes on social media platforms have had to give that entity permission to access your profile - yes? Well did that not ring a bell in your mind?..

    By pressing the lovely blue button to ok the game or quiz, you gave a third party entity permission to access your account.  Sure you didn't give them your username and email address - but you did give them permission in one click to have access anyway.  What could they do?  Well lets use Candy Crush as an example - by giving them permission to access your profile, you have let them know what your email is, what age you are, how many of your friends use the same app, if you want to be annoyed with notifications, and because most people don't think of changing the setting to 'me only' - you allow them to post to your profile - scared yet?

    As rightly stated in the past month 
    if you aren't paying for it, then you are the product!

    The Irish Times recently described it as 'Content is information, remember. But so are views, likes, shares, follows, retweets, comments, and downloads' and it doesn't stop there!  The companies you agreed to be part of - they can use the data you are providing them with to target you with ads, promotions and much more - did you agree to it - odds are no! Why - you didn't click on Terms and Conditions and read the contents.

    When you answered that quiz last night after coming in from work - you had to give that quiz permission to use your information, the script then shows a list of questions or you get the loading wheel and it gives the quiz permission to see how you use your profile - what your habits are online and the script then generates a somewhat random result for your amusement. 

    Again - you provided it with permission to do so.

    I could go on for hours on this topic, but won't as most of it should be
    common sense.  If you have questions around your privacy
    on social media platforms
    get in contact