The responsive web

    Not everybody will highlight the positives of creating or redesigning your website to ensure its responsive!  Why I hear you ask - not everybody knows what it means!

    Up until about three years ago the world wide web was swimming in HTML4 websites, which was great at the time, however today with the increased use of smart phones and tablets it has become increasingly important that your website is able to adapt to any device it is being viewed on.

    Over the past few years I have watched this space with great interest, I even based my Masters around it.  As such I’ve seen first hand the need for using HTML5 and CSS3.  What are these things you speak of I hear you ask?.. Well, HTML is what structures your website and makes things work, CSS is what makes it look pretty!  Therefore ensuring your website is ‘responsive’ is incredibly important.  

    From a usability prospective, there is nothing worse than loading a website that you have to manually zoom in on just to hit a button on the menu and have to zoom in again.  Being responsive ensures the act of zooming in is already taken care of for you!  It ensures that no matter what device your website is being loaded on will respond appropriately.

    So if you haven’t thought about what your website is saying about you, it might be time to spend five minutes of your day thinking about what your clients see and what they have to do in order to contact you online.  

    Wondering what having a responsive site can do for you? Why not contact Code Stack today and let us talk you through it.

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