Search Engine Audits

    Now and again, its always good to audit how you appear in search engines.

    Engines, particularly the worlds largest - Google, can be called on to physically index you site, but it isn't the only tool. Indexing is a bit like the back of an Argos book, to find what you want, and to do it quickly we run to the back page to see where it is held - indexing is along the same line.

    The reason we at Code Stack love to dig into why a site isn't appearing requires us to go back to basics.

    Firstly we check your websites code, we do this to see if you have had any meta data added to the header file of your site, if not, that is our first task. Meta Tags comprise of a few simple lines of code that can allow us to use our own algorithm with to generate a large bank of normalised keywords to give your site a boost. Next we look at all of your social media platforms, check to see if you are registered with Google and then embed pixels in your site, if you aren't registered with Google as a business, we do that for you, and physically ensure you are registered with the console itself. After that we talk to you about the importance of keeping up to date on keywords, the use of social media and why a site should integrate it and the reason it's never a bad idea to add specific hashtags to your social media posts.

    It might sound daunting to carry out work like audits, but the truth is - SEO is the same as the key that starts your engine - without it, your site won't "move" online. It will always be in the back of the class.

    Code Stack