The thing about SEO is...

Code Stack had a query recently about SEO. 

The Client had their site newly built and launched but when they Googled it that evening, no results were showing. 

The thing about SEO is, it isn't an instant fix, there are lots of variables at play time being of the utmost importance.

Code Stack use a mix of traditional Meta Tags (we are old school like that) and a very fancy plugin that generates a bunch of variables and makes them work together.  It allows us to ensure the site isn't just secure, but that it integrates and is verified by search engines, has Google Analytics installed, your company information is accurate, all sitemaps, social media links, permalinks and Hansel and Gretels Breadcrumb trail is installed and running on all pages, as well as allowing us to recalculate SEO scores anytime we wish. 

With all that said, SEO still requires time to initiate and work to your advantage.  Even with the greatest will and the world of techniques, your site needs marketing for the world to spot it in a search. 

The simplest way of describing SEO for me is as follows:-
You have organized a get together, put months of work into creating, designing and planning, purchased all the decorations, done up the venue but the day of the party you realise that you have forgotten to send out the invites, so no one shows up.  

Think of SEO as your invites, if no one knows where the party is on, then no one is going to show up!

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