Because the internet is always evolving, we like to offer tailored services to suit your needs.

At Code Stack we are devoted to helping businesses grow.

Here are some of the services we supply.

Web Design

We offer fully responsive web design from start to finish. From the moment we meet with a client, to the day the site goes live, we believe communication is key. From small portfolio sites to large scale e-commerce sites, we've done them all.

Looking for a site?
E-Commerce or Portfolio?

Social Media Management

Do you find social media overwhelming? Wondering how it works? We can strategise and plan posts for your social media profiles - from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and all the other mediums. Contact us for more information.

Website Maintenance

At Code Stack we employ a robot to monitor our sites 24/7. We also offer on-going maintenance to all our clients. From updating on-screen content to the engines that run in the background. We like to keep it ticking over.

Smart Device Training

We know it can be daunting to get a new phone or tablet, and sometimes you wish someone would just set it up for you, and show you how to use it. Well, that's where we come in. Tech is one of our passions, and new technology doesn't daunt us. Contact us for more information.

Domain names & Hosting Packages

From registration, transfers or general queries. From the creation of a new domain name, explaining how to marketing it, and how they work. We can cover them all.

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One to One / Group Tuition

As registered members of the Teaching Council of Ireland for Further Education, we pride ourselves in delivering tuition in a range of subjects. From running your website, to explaining social media. Creating spreadsheets, and working out formulas. Digital Marketing and much more.


We know that sometimes you just need someone to take care of a problem or to explain how something works, and that's where we step in. With an Hons. Degree and Masters Degree in the web, we have a wide range of knowledge in just about every aspect of the web.

One to One / Group Tuition icon

Social Media Online Stores

E-Commerce is a great way to sell a product, but did you know, you can also sell directly via your Facebook and Instagram Accounts! With Code Stack, we can help you achieve that goal, not matter what size of business you own!