We deliver website support and maintenance that is tailored to suit your needs.
Let us take care of managing your website, backing it up and much more.
Our experience will provide expert advice and will cut through the jargon.


From answering questions, to assisting with on-site work, we are happy to help. We understand life is busy, and for us, being that person in the background who handles the stuff no one sees is ok with us.
We are never more than a text or email away for our clients.


We know how annoying it can be to wait around online for answers, so we have set up our own means of helping you without being in the same room. We also know businesses use far more tech than just a website, and luckily technology is one of those things we are passionate about. From writing blog posts, to promotional video. Showing you how to update the content on your site, scheduling emails or social media posts, or just helping with a backlog of paperwork, we are happy to discuss it all in-person or remotely!


Did you know, we're happy to help you plan your social media schedule.
From taking over the day-to-day running of accounts, to creating graphics, or helping you make the most out of social media paid advertising, we can assist with it all.


At Code Stack, we like to use the cloud to share our work with clients. If we create content for your business, it's added to your own folder on our cloud and shared directly with you.
The day of CD's, USB Drives and External Hard drives has just about passed, and to keep up with technology, we've created a account to share with clients.


Because we know 'Now' matters.
We offer shared screens where we can help you from the comfort of our office to yours. During this service, we will be on your computer whilst talking to you on the phone.


We understand that new devices can be daunting to set up, and can feel complicated to use. That's where we come in. We can come to you to help set up your device, or we can take it away and have it back to you the following day. Smart devices are the future - so let us help you understand them.