Useful Stuff

    A CLEVER LIST OF TOOLS TO HELP YOU! About ten years ago, someone joked during a html class that I was the “queen of computer shortcuts” – and they weren’t wrong! So I’ve compiled a list of useful on-screen shortcuts, as well as useful sites and software I use day-to-day. So here we go with keyboard shortcuts!

    Apple Mac Windows PC Description
    CMD + Space Bar   Search your mac
    CMD + C Ctrl + C Copy Highlight your text or object first to cut or copy, then paste.
    CMD + V Ctrl + V Paste
    CMD + X Ctrl + X Cut
    CMD + Tab Ctrl + Tab Move between open software
    CMD + A Ctrl + A Select All
    CMD + S Ctrl + S Save
    CMD + Z Ctrl + Z Undo
    CMD + O Ctrl + O Open
    CMD + W Ctrl + W Close a window
    CMD + T Ctrl + T Open a tab
    CMD + F Ctrl + F Find
    FN Key To use all those blue keys on your keyboard
    CMD + Option + Esc Ctrl + Alt + Delete Opens Task Manager
    CMD + P Ctrl + P Print
    Shift + CMD + 3 Ptrn Scr Full Screen Shot
    Shift + CMD + 4   Take a smaller screenshot
    Shift + CMD + 5   Screen Grab Videos
      My favorite sites.

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