A Tribute To My Special Boy : 2020-2023

Elvis the saint bernard

A Tribute To My Special Boy : 2020-2023

When people were complaining in the first lockdown of boredom, this little furbaby along with his siblings came into my life.

Elvis was born on January 18th, 2020 as one of seven pups. Five survived, three found fantastic homes and both Elvis, his Mom, Dad and Sister stayed with us. Elvis had me from the second I seen him. He helped me in ways words won’t do justice to, he was my adorable rogue, and gained a substantial following on TikTok.

As my boy, he had a habit of pinning me to a wall for “scratchies”, or he would hunt his family away, and he would stand next to me as we walked to make sure I knew he had me. In dark days when I felt overwhelmed, he would stroll up and just nudge my hand or leg to let me know he was there. If I sat on the ground or on a stool, he would come over and sit on my lap – all 14 stone of him because he never knew he was a big dog – to him, he was a pup.

Six weeks ago, I found out he was sick and a sickness that couldn’t be cured.

After a fair amount of travel, medical interventions and so much more, my sweet, larger than life baby boy passed away in my arms yesterday, November 24th at 3:55pm.

I don’t have enough words to explain the loss, devastation or how heartbroken I feel, nor do I have the sentences to explain the utter grief, sorrow, anger and love I have for him.

To some, he is a dog – to me he is, and always will be MY SON!

I’m writing this in tribute to my small man, my boy, my sunshine and my everything. I love you Elvis more than words will ever say. You are the best boy and you will have my heart forever!