A tribute to my Thunder Buddy

A tribute to my Thunder Buddy

Let me tell you about my Thunder Buddy – Pebbles.

Pebbles came to us half way though my Masters exams and quickly showed how clever she was. If my computer made a sound, she was over like a dash to check it out and showed how good she was with a trackpad and the space bar for starting and stopping videos. She was also a good hand with the ipad – her nose was her tool of choice, but took great enjoyment out of watching videos – especially ones about animals. David Attenborough, Paul O’Grady & Virgin Media News were her tv must watches.

To me, personally – she was my co-worker. She was my constant. From trips in the car where she would sit happily waiting to see where we were going, to camping out on the bed, head on the extension lead, or sound asleep up next to me. She was also my best friend.

From nightly cuddles, to barking at me for no reason, to announcing if the phone was ringing or walking straight over and telling me it was time for food – to say I’ll miss her is an understatement.

Sleep well bossy bear – your work here is done!