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Angela is a highly accomplished professional with a strong academic background. She holds a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Information Systems Management with Multimedia from the Institute of Technology, Tralee. Building on her success, she pursued further education at University College Cork, where she earned a Master of Science in Interactive Media.

During her academic journey, Angela dedicated her time and talents to developing a comprehensive portfolio in various disciplines, including Web Design & Development, Graphic Design, and Photography to name a few. This hands-on experience has equipped her with a diverse skill set and a deep understanding of visual aesthetics.

With a passion for E-Learning and a commitment to creating exceptional user experiences, Angela incorporates cutting-edge design principles that prioritize User Experience and User Interaction. She leverages her expertise to create intuitive and engaging digital experiences that captivate audiences.

As a testament to her commitment to continuous learning, Angela is an esteemed member of Google Digital Garage. She completed the rigorous training program during the challenging circumstances of the first lockdown in 2020, further enhancing her digital expertise and staying at the forefront of industry trends.  Code Stack is also a recognized member of Design Rush who in 2023 named us as a top developer in Ireland!

Angela’s dedication to her craft, combined with her academic achievements and ongoing professional development, make her an invaluable asset in delivering innovative and impactful digital solutions.  She also believes in being a text away for her clients, regardless of the time of day or over the weekend.  Unlike others, she is keenly aware that business is more than 9-5!

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