Your handy tool to navigate the world of digital formats

image of a computer with the title of 'your hand tool to navigate the world of digital formats".

Your handy tool to navigate the world of digital formats

Welcome to our complete guide, where we break down a variety of file types you’ll encounter in IT, the web, documents, spreadsheets, and beyond. This table serves as your handy tool to navigate the world of digital formats, offering insights into the diverse formats that shape our digital experiences.

From the basic file types that you will encounter in everyday activities online to those you may have wondered about.

Most Used File TypesMeaning
HTMLHypertext Markup Language
PDFPortable Document Format
JPEGJoint Photographic Experts Group
PNGPortable Network Graphics
MP4MPEG-4 Part 14
DOCXMicrosoft Word Document
XLSXMicrosoft Excel Spreadsheet
PPTXMicrosoft PowerPoint Presentation
CSVComma-Separated Values
TXTPlain Text
ZIPZipped File Archive
GIFGraphics Interchange Format
XMLExtensible Markup Language
JSONJavaScript Object Notation
MP3MPEG Audio Layer 3
WAVWaveform Audio File
TIFFTagged Image File Format
BMPBitmap Image
DOCMicrosoft Word Document (older version)
XLSMicrosoft Excel Spreadsheet (older version)
PPTMicrosoft PowerPoint Presentation (older version)
RTFRich Text Format
SQLStructured Query Language
PHPHypertext Preprocessor
CSSCascading Style Sheets
ASPXActive Server Page
MDBMicrosoft Access Database
ODTOpenDocument Text
ODSOpenDocument Spreadsheet
ODPOpenDocument Presentation
DWGAutoCAD Drawing
PSDAdobe Photoshop Document
INDDAdobe InDesign Document
AIAdobe Illustrator Document
EPSEncapsulated PostScript
TARTape Archive
RARRAR Archive
7Z7-Zip Archive
SVGScalable Vector Graphics
FLVFlash Video
AVIAudio Video Interleave
MOVQuickTime Movie
DOCMMicrosoft Word Macro-Enabled Document
XLSMMicrosoft Excel Macro-Enabled Spreadsheet
PPTMMicrosoft PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Presentation
APKAndroid Application Package
EXEExecutable File
DLLDynamic Link Library
IMGDisk Image
RPMRed Hat Package Manager
DEBDebian Package
JARJava Archive
WARJava Web Archive
EAREnterprise Archive
IPAiOS Application Archive

The web and indeed your own personal computer or smart device has many, many more that we don’t even think about as we go about our day, but everything you interact with, from games to work, web surfing to youtube binging – everything has a file type.